Embrace Change to be Successful

When we are doing our job at our workplace, when we have been doing it for a long time, we become good at it. We also become complacent, and we lose our ability to see better ways of doing our job. We become efficient at following the same process every day, and that could be scary. At the personal level this could look like an excellent thing for you, chances are it actually is, but at the company level, this could be counterproductive.

The competitors to the company you work for could be embracing change and maybe have developed processes to incorporate changes as part of operations. Having an open mindset for change would allow that competitor to have the edge over your organization.

There could be a lot of friction and push-back when a new, needed process is introduced to the company. As an employee, you have to step out of the comfort zone and learn new things. My advice would be to stay open-minded and try to understand what advantages your organization will receive by doing things differently. Do not focus only on the extra amount of effort that will be expected out you. Understand that opportunities to advance or move up within the company will also open up as part of the changes taking effect. Change is good.

I have experienced this hesitation to embrace change. About two years ago, before I got my current job, I worked at a startup, and our tool of choice for managing our repositories was the Github client. When I started my new job, I was told I had to use a different client called SmartGit. It was a pain having to change at the beginning, but I believed there had to be a reason why this developer shop used SmartGit over the Github client. Long story short, two years later, I now prefer SmartGit over the GitHub client.

If you are not as successful as you want to be today, the only thing that might be missing is change.