Lesson Learned

Lesson Learned

Being a web developer is easy in comparison to being an entrepreneur. I’m able to build an application, it will take some time, but I’m capable of turning an idea into a working service or web application. Having help expedites the process, but I’m capable of doing small projects by myself. However, putting my entrepreneur hat has been more challenging.

Misconceptions about being an Entrepreneur

As my friend Anthony wrote in his post, there is a difference between being a business owner and being an entrepreneur. An entrepreneur has to be able to wear many hats and having an understanding of web development is only one of them.

Many people picture the entrepreneur life as being glamorous full of excitement and riches, but that is not the case. Being an entrepreneur is a tough learning journey.

What lesson did I learn?

I am lucky and grateful that Edifica‘s investors believed I had the potential to develop Edifica’s web application with their help. We set out to develop the product and we did a great job doing so. After months of development, we finally had a working application and we decided to start marketing.

That’s where we went wrong. We should have started marketing while we were still developing. By the time we were done developing the initial offering, we did not have a community and we didn’t have constant traffic to our site. This was a big problem.


If you are currently working on a product and you are planning to make it available to the public, I recommend that you start letting people know about your product right away. You should keep your ears open and listen to any feedback you might get and take that feedback into consideration while the product is still under development. On Edifica’s case, we started gathering feedback after we had a working product. If this would have had happened on the development phase, we could have made better decisions about the product’s features. Planning your product’s marketing early on is crucial. 

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