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Things are Created Twice


If you think about it, whenever we want to accomplish something, we need first to make it happen in our minds first. After we have created or visualized our goals in our minds, we apply effort. It can be a significant effort or not; this will depend what you want to make a reality. Think of the Golden Gate Bridge for a second; that structure was not always there. Out of need, to meet transportation needs in the area surrounding San Francisco, people visualized it (in their minds first). They put effort into making it become a reality, and it was completed in 1937.

Why Should You Care?

Why? Let me ask you this. Have you accomplished all your goals? No, then you should care. By the way, this does not apply to bridge-building or just material things. This way of thinking applies to you trying to become a software developer, creating that project you have been thinking about, getting in shape, or opening your own business. Start practicing visualizing and achieving goals in your mind. Picture yourself sitting in that brand new car you have been wanting. Start picturing yourself as a developer and living that lifestyle you have imagined. Do not picture those things happening to someone else, in the third-person. Visualize you are standing in the first-person perspective and that those things are happening to you. It helps to start with small things/goals to build confidence. Start by visualizing that your next meeting will go well or that you will have a good productive day tomorrow. There might be a hiccup here and there, but visualize that will not derail your meeting or your day.

It’s Not Cake, Still Definitely Possible

If you can’t achieve your goals in your mind, you already lost. Let me explain. If you cannot reach your goals in your mind, you can’t expect to achieve them in real life, simple. However, there is absolutely no risk in attempting to visualize yourself achieving your goals in your mind. There is no downside, and it doesn’t cost anything, well maybe just a few minutes of your time. Nothing and no one can hold you back from achieving your goals in your mind, except yourself.

Surprisingly, many people are held back because they aren’t able to visualize themselves achieving their goals. You might think that it is harder to apply the effort in the “real world” necessary to achieve goals, but conquering our minds, in my opinion, is harder for most people.

I genuinely think we all have the ability and capacity to reach our goals, but we need to acquire the right mindset first. As I mentioned earlier, start with small things, and over time shoot for bigger goals. Sooner than you think, you will be driving that Ferrari.

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